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What is Cfast?


NB: We only use clear/tooth coloured
brackets and wires in our treatments

Cfast is a revolutionary cosmetic straightening treatment for people looking to correct their teeth alignment with fast, gentle and cost effective action. Standard Orthodontic mechanics are still involved, but because this treatment is only for the front teeth, minimal force is applied.

Why choose Cfast?

A mild pressure is applied to the wires, making them more comfortable than traditional braces. These aesthetically pleasing clear brackets and nickel-titanium wires are also barely visible, so you can correct alignment issues without fear of embarrassment.The Cfast treatment can correct gaps between teeth, crowded teeth and ‘Gummy Smiles’. Cfast is not intended for extreme or severe cases, however with a proper diagnosis, Cfast can be a safe and effective treatment for the right candidate.

How does it work?

Cfast can be applied to the front or back teeth:Front of Teeth (Labial)

The nickel titanium wires are placed on the front surface of the teeth, to gently pull the front 6 teeth (also known as “The Social 6”) into alignment. This treatment can produce aesthetic results in as few as 10 weeks, however the average treatment time is approximately 5 months.

Inside of Teeth (Lingual)

Brackets are placed on the inside of the mouth to gently move and align the front 4-6 teeth. They are placed on the inner back surface of the teeth…this is the ultimate solution for discreet tooth alignment!

The effective, inconspicuous and fast results associated with the Cfast treatment hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Media. Recently, the tabloids have reported on celebrities who have had the treatment. Notably, X Factor Winner Alexandra Burke and TV Presenter Holly Willoughby, both known to have gaps in their front teeth, have benefited from Cfast. Holly Willoughby tweeted that she expected the treatment to last only a few months; creating a lot of interest in these “invisible” braces.

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