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Inman Aligner

Have you ever considered straightening your teeth but are put off by traditional braces? Alternatively, have you had orthodontic treatment in the past but since found that your teeth have re-lapsed? Would you like to regain your previously straightened smile?

If so, then the Inman Aligner is a simple yet effective way of straightening your front top and bottom teeth quickly and in an extremely cost-effective way. Metal braces and even invisible braces can take long periods of time to work. The Inman Aligner can give significant results in just 6-16 weeks.

Focusing only on those teeth which are visible, it is suitable for cases where there is mild to moderate crowding of the front teeth. The aligner is a simple, removable appliance which works by incorporating nickel titanium coil springs. These springs power two aligner bows which gently oppose each other. From inside, one of the bows pushes against the back of the teeth whilst on the front of the teeth a clear bow gently pulls the teeth into position.

What is involved in treatment?

Initially we will take impressions of your teeth which will be used to create your aligner. It can take around two weeks for the aligner to be made. You will wear the same aligner throughout the duration of your treatment.In order to gain the maximum benefit from your aligner you will need to wear it as much as possible- for between 16 and 20 hours a day. It is important to attend regular check-ups every 2-3 weeks to ensure that treatment is progressing well and that you are comfortable.

How long does it take?

As they focus only on the front teeth and are used to deal with less complex issues, the Inman Aligners generally work faster than other straightening treatments. Treatment with traditional braces and invisible braces can take anywhere between 6-24 months. Inman Aligners can give successful results within 6-16 weeks.

Will it hurt?

As with most braces and aligners patients can feel some slight discomfort. This is usually worse when they have just been fitted or adjusted. Once you get used to your aligner (within a few days to a week) this should pass.

Do I have to wear a retainer afterwards?

As with all tooth straightening treatments you will need to wear a retainer afterwards so that your teeth don’t relapse. Teeth can move throughout the course of your life so they will always have a tendency to return to their original place. A retainer is the only way to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

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