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Six Month Smiles


NB: We only use clear/tooth coloured
brackets and wires in our treatments

If you’ve ever thought about having any spaced, misaligned or crooked teeth straightened but are put off by the thought of conventional braces then it’s time to think again. Recent advances in orthodontics mean there are now a number of more modern options for those who would like to avoid the typical ‘train track’ style braces in favour of something more discreet. Six Month Smiles is a revolutionary new treatment which can help you do just that.

What is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles uses aesthetic fixed clear brackets with specialised tooth-coloured nickel titanium wires to straighten misaligned teeth. Many people worry that they might have to wear braces for years or that treatment may be overly invasive or costly. Six Month Smiles is an effective and affordable option which straightens teeth quickly and safely. It does this by focusing only on those teeth which show when you smile rather than attempting to move all of them.

If you are keen to find out more about the options for straightening your teeth please speak to one of our cosmetic dentists and they will be happy to provide you with an honest opinion about which orthodontic treatment is most suitable for you.

What is involved in the Six Month Smiles?

Before treatment begins, we will conduct thorough checks on your teeth using a number of methods – such as x-rays, impressions and photographs. Please discuss your hopes for tooth improvements early on in the process so that your treatment plan can be tailored accordingly.

Models of your teeth will be made from the impressions taken and these will be sent direct to the Six Month Smiles laboratory in America where the brackets and wires will be produced to your exact requirements.

The braces are received in a customised tray kit which helps the Dentist place the brackets in the correct position. After bonding the brackets to your teeth, the tray is removed and the wires are then placed into position.

If your teeth are overcrowded then our dentists may remove very small amounts of enamel from in between your teeth to create space. The removal of tooth enamel is called IPR (Inter-proximal reduction) and is painless and does not require injections. Very occasionally it may be necessary to remove a tooth in order to ensure an optimal result is achieved.

Once fitted, monthly appointments with our dentists will be required so that your Six Month Smiles brace can be adjusted and monitored.

Will the Six Month Smiles hurt?

As with all braces, patients can feel some discomfort when the brace is first placed. You may also find it slightly more difficult to speak or that you salivate more frequently. This is quite normal and as your mouth grows accustomed to your brace this will improve.

Many patients assume that because this is a short term treatment it will be more forceful but this is not correct. In fact, the force is generally lower than in a standard brace treatment so it tends to be less painful, plus there is actually less risk of damage to roots and nerves and other possible orthodontic issues.

Is a retainer necessary with Six Month Smiles?

Afterwards, as with any tooth-straightening treatment, a retainer will be required in order to maintain the position of your teeth. Teeth continue to move throughout your life and can have a tendency to relapse somewhat to their original position.

Depending on your personal preference and lifestyle, we can fit you with either a removable night-time appliance or a fixed one bonded onto the back surfaces of your teeth. The cosmetic Dentists at LW Dental will be very please to discuss your options with you.

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