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As a particularly anxious patient who must surely be difficult to treat, I have enjoyed exceptional dental care and advice from Mischa Railton at LW Dental. I have only the highest praise for him.

Not only does he seem scientifically extremely well versed, he also manages, encouragingly and patiently, to put me at ease and allay my considerable fears – a remarkable achievement!

He has given me considerate treatment and sage advice on how to improve my oral health.

I feel utterly confident in his hands.

25th January 2024

“Just completed full mouth dental implant treatment with Dr John Gall, totally delighted with the result and the attention to detail from Dr Gall and his team. My teeth had failed through long term gum problems, I was offered a number of alternatives and decided to go for fixed teeth on dental implants, or ‘all on 4’ as its called. I had my final teeth extracted, implants placed and temporary bridges placed in 1 visit, so I didn’t need to wear dentures at all, quite incredible. 4 months later, I’ve just had my final bridges placed. I haven’t been able to eat this well for years as my own teeth had been so uncomfortable. Thank you so much.

Also a word about all the team, they really do make attending the dentist a pleasure rather than something to be feared. Can’t praise this dental practice enough!

October 2017

“Last summer I took on a job which involved a lot of public speaking and (aparticular horror for me) getting my photograph taken. My teeth were a bit gappy and yellow so I tended to adopt a closed-mouth smile. Following a consultation with Dr John Gall at Barton Dental I decided to have CEREC one -visit-dentistry veneers fitted. The process was quick and painless and I couldn’t be more delighted with the results. Such a confidence boost to have a bright white smile!

September 2016

“I’ve noticed a spot in your mouth”. Not words we really want to hear when we are at our dental surgery but words I heard from my dentist, Dr John Gall, in early February 2015. A referral to the Dental Institute in Edinburgh was arranged with the words “don’t be worried”. Well of course I was going to worry!
Like most people, the first thing I did when I got home was to google Oral Cancer! Not terribly comforting but a start in trying to understand what might be wrong and possible solutions for a variety of maladies. The consultation at the Dental Hospital led to a biopsy appointment which due to some prior commitments happened in May. I received a letter from the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery at St John’s Hospital for an appointment in June to get the results. (NOW THE NAME OF THAT DEPARTMENT GETS YOUR ATTENTION!!) The results showed a small cancerous growth and other mutating cells. All these cells seemed to have ben removed but a follow-up operation under a general anaesthetic was needed to make sure there was a safe margin of clear tissue beyond the cancerous area. After the operation I got the good news that everything appeared fine and the prognosis going forward was good. Bi-monthly checks but no further treatment needed. As of November 2015, “Oral Cancer Awareness Month” I’m still fine and long may it continue.

I am very grateful and want to again say thank you to John Gall and his team for detecting this “spot” at such a very early stage, and giving me the hope and good chance that this has been a one-off incident. The earliest detection with oral cancer can be crucial in having a good prognosis.
I close with a reminder to keep up your regular dental and hygienist appointments, it could save your life!

A very lucky and grateful patient!! – November 2015

I have attended the LW Dental Practice since 1963 and since 1991 have been looked after by Dr John Gall. The range of treatments I have required since then have been carried out in a most professional and effective way and I am pleased to be able to say that my teeth are in excellent condition. I also benefit from the service of the Practice hygienist. For someone who was never keen to visit ‘the dentist’ I now do so with total confidence. Dr Gall has a great team supporting him which adds to the experience of a visit.

Tony Hogarth – July 2015

I am a patient at LW Dental and had Cerec treatment to help straighten my teeth and improve my smile. From consultation through to conclusion of the treatment the service and attention I was given surpassed my expectations and I was thrilled & delighted with the results. My confidence has improved and countless people have commented on how straight and white my teeth are. Dr. John Gall and the team excelled themselves with their attention to detail and first class service they provided, my only small regret was that I didn’t do it years ago.

Michael Connelly

Dr Ollerhead is hands down the best dentist I’ve had treatment by. Highly professional, friendly, and very skilled – the smile makeover I had at his hands has been a huge success and I’m delighted. He was careful to take into account my preferences while exercising what is clearly a lot of experience in cosmetic dentistry, and was always keen to ensure I was as comfortable as possible. I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Jordan Bowen

Dr Ollerhead treated both me and my husband and we were so delighted with our care that we’ve both written reviews. I had a full Invisalign course and veneers expertly guided and applied by Dr Ollerhead at an amazingly competitive price. He was always professional, sensitive to my dislike of dental procedures and made me feel very comfortable. Excellent aftercare and I’m so pleased with the result. I would definitely go back to him again.

Sarah-Jane Bowen